Stipple Dashboard

An easy way to understand and make actionable ground movement data

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Spatial analysis tool, designed to transform complex data into interactive visual representations, enabling you to uncover valuable insights and make informed decisions.

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    Create Custom Trip Segments

    • View trips & mobility activity as a heatmap for the selected geography
    • Use options to filter data by distance, intent, modality, and other options
    • Load trips by segment, traveler ID, or from a custom geofence
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    Map-based Trip Exploration

    • Visualize one or more trips on a map
    • Review Origin, Destination & Waypoints of a trip
    • Filters by categories, intents, and modalities
    • Export Trips as JSON or CSV
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    Create Custom Filters & Queries

    • Use the dashboard to create filters based on start/end location, categories, intents
    • Create geofence within an area of interest
    • Make a comparison between segments
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    View Analyzed Data

    • View summary stats of the entire movement pattern or of a certain segment
    • Review trip frequency between Origin, Destination & Waypoints
    • Review displacement by traveler's transportation mode or intent

Solution that meets your needs

  • Interactive Visualization

    Understand movement patterns through interactive spatial visualization

  • Custom Queries

    Create custom queries & geofences for enabling quick access to analytics

  • Data Management

    Manage datasets by time, geography or client with a specific privacy configuration

Don't Leave Trip Analysis To Guesswork

Gain deep insights into movement data with our intuitive trip analysis dashboard, empowering you to make informed decision.

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